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there’s something about a guy that’s always tryna “one up” his lady…


thats a bitch triat. there should be no competition. fix that. 


when you meet a man, adding up all the PROs to form the pedestal you’ll later place him on will only make it harder to walk away when he does something foul. you’ll be stuck.

BUT; don’t add up his flaws either, it’ll build a wall between the two of you that will potentially block the view of the good in him.

Be objective, subjective, and patient.

if he’s TOO perfect, give it time, he might show you a dark side but don’t try to force one on him, there’s nothing worse than allowing your bitterness to turn a great guy into someone who despises you.


if his personality is NOT your cup of tea, don’t lead him on but don’t burn the bridge, first impressions aren’t always completely accurate and down the road he might prove to be a great friend or step up to the plate and be a great (something more) :)



YANG TV story interview - #ProofProject 

who are you living for?

there comes a time in life when you have to quit caring about some things. Addressing “the haters” should be a thing of the past. We can all stipulate to the fact that 1. they (haters) exist, 2. you don’t have to be doing anything spectacular to catch heat and 3. the things they do & say are annoying as all hell but your attention is what fuels the negativity. 

It goes beyond pretending not to care what others say about you, and into really not caring what others say about you. That can only come from the certainty that you are being and doing all that you can and the best that you can to be a better you each day & the satisfaction that you are better at being YOU than anyone else. 

One thing is for sure & two things for certain, GOD knows your heart & in the end, HIS is the only opinion that matters. 

Happy Monday & have a blessed week


Don’t Waste Em

Everything gets old eventually…..don’t smother your woman with kisses all day every day….save them….special moments….special places….occasionally for no reason at all….but whatever you do…Make every kiss count. -K.T.S

Make Her Happy

You’d be surprised how many things just dont matter when your making a woman happy…..make all the women around you feel respected, uplifted, beautiful…and happy…it’ll lead to a beautiful life for you -K.T.S 


Someone else’s success in no way keeps you from possibly being successful….work is the main ingredient….get busy NUKKA -K.T.S

Save The Lips

Meet a woman…dont kiss her lips until you’re ready to say “i really want this to go somewhere” -K.T.S

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